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A warm bagel on a cool morning is a winning combination to a day that can only get better and better. Most people like bagels because they are fast and portable, but they can also be turned into a slow meal if you just want to spend the morning reading the paper and letting life pass by slowly. However, most artisanal bagels that are on the market are not pre-sliced for a few reasons.

The best bagels are not sliced because many bakers feel that this releases too much air from the bagel that eventually turns it stale. The only animals that like to eat stale bagels are birds, so unless you have plans of secretly running a zoo in your home, chances are good that you’ll need a bagel slicer to preserve that freshness you deserve.

Saying that, I’m sure we can all agree that it is very hard to make a perfect cut in a bagel using a normal knife.

Did you know that there are kitchen tools that do this job for you in just seconds, and more precise that you will ever be able to?

What is a Bagel Slicer / Cutter?

bagel slicer, or bagel cutter, can have a few different designs. The most popular design is something that resembles a toaster, except for the fact that a blade comes up inside the slot and splits the bagel neatly into two equal slices.

Another design goes for a simpler approach, where you simply stick a bagel into a special plate and bring a blade down by hand power alone. This design isn’t as popular as the electric version, but it can be helpful for homes that want to cut down on devices that use electric power in the first place.

If you want to get a good bagel slicer, you might still be under the assumption that you have to go out to a household goods store or big box retailer to get what you really want. However, this isn’t the case at all. It’s better to go online and save your gas for more important car trips. The Internet is the best place for deals on a top-notch bagel slicer or bagel cutter that will happily serve you and your family for many years to come.

The feature that will ultimately drive the price of your bagel slicer is a combination of the design as well as the materials the slicer is constructed from. For example, if you want to get a little luxurious, you can get a bagel slicer that will split two or four bagels into four or eight different half-rounds. On the other hand, you might want to focus on getting a bagel slicer that has a retro theme like stainless steel and chrome.

Once you have the bagel slicer you want selected, purchased, and delivered to your home, your tasks are still not done. There must be proper care and maintenance done in order to really make sure that the bagel cutter will last for a long time.

The biggest thing you can do in this respect is to clean out the unit each and every time you are finished slicing your bagels. This makes sure that any and all debris is out of the reach out of the blades, where it can wear down the sharpness of the blades over time.

Overall, a bagel slicer is definitely a very useful piece of kitchen gadgetry!

Benefits of using a Bagel Slicer

bagel slicer is especially useful for people that prepare this snack from time to time since it offers a simple yet effective solution to cutting bagels of any type and size.

The main benefit of a bagel guillotine is that it not only makes beautiful slices, it also has a shield that protects your fingers from its sharp blade. Therefore it is completely safe and can even be used by kids! All bagel slicers are very easy to clean and most of them are dishwasher proof. Unlike a normal knife, bagel cutters make a very clean slice without producing practically any breadcrumbs. So all in all, a bagel slicer is a safe, fun, inexpensive and useful kitchen tool!

How to choose a good bagel slicer?

Buying a Better Bagel Slicer – Making lunch shouldn’t be dangerous, but everyone knows how hard it is to get a nice even cut in a bagel, and wonders what commercial slicer bagel shops must use to get that even surface on their sandwiches. Most people don’t realize that bagel cutting is hazardous for many people; no less a publication than the Wall Street Journal ran a story stating that improper bagel cutting is responsible for the fifth most knife injuries in the United States every year!

improper bagel cutting is responsible for the fifth most knife injuries in the United States every year

Looking at it from that angle, it makes sense; bagels are hard and slippery at the same time, a round hazard just waiting to happen. That makes a great bagel slicer an important safety feature in your kitchen as well. Who makes bagel slicers? Are they convenient to use, wash, and store? What different types of bagel slicers are out on the market? We’re going to take a look below!

In purchasing the best bagel slicer you should make sure that it fulfills at least 3 out of the following 5 factors:

  • Protect your fingers and be safe to use
  • Should work with bagels in all sizes
  • Sharp blade (if it is serrated then even better)
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to clean, either by hand or with the dishwasher

The by far most important factor out of these five is that a safe bagel guillotine/slicer should have a grip with a finger protector. If it does not offer any kind of protection for your fingers, very deep and painful cuts can occur. So remember, if you want a bagel cutter that is safe for kids (and for you!), you should buy one that protects your fingers from the blade.

Best Bagel Slicer

As mentioned in that Wall Street Journal article, the most popular bagel slicer ever invented is the Bagel Guillotine. Invented 18 years ago, this product is more than just a cool name. It makes bagel slicing easy, safe, and even fun. You execute the action manually by placing the bagel in a plastic vice, then pushing down on the handle.

A wide base keeps the Guillotine in place as the bagel awaits its doom, and the acrylic guards ensure that no one’s hand or finger is ever close to the blade. Moving 80,000 units a year, it’s pretty obvious that the functionality, appearance, name, and safety features of this bagel slicer appeal well to the buying public (and let’s face it, anyone who has been cut while slicing a bagel likes the idea of justice that this product represents).

However, the Bagel Guillotine is not the only game in town; at around $25 it’s a great buy, but there are competitors who seek to sell their models based on what they hope are more appealing designs and conveniences. You can browse the best selling bagel slicers online here.

Heavy Duty Bagel Slicers

If you are looking for a good commercial bagel slicer for a small company or because you eat an awful lot of bagels at home, you are looking at more of the same kind of products. Larien makes what it labels the commercial bagel slicer in the Bagel Biter, but this is really no different than the Bagel Guillotine, with a few extra layers of plastic around the base. Models such as Ironwood’s Bagel Miter are also more heavy duty takes on traditional bagel slicer designs. On the other hand, electric bagel cutters may have a future for those who have to cut a lot of bagels in a day.

The Chef’s Choice 680 Bagel Pro electric bagel slicer is bulky and hard to clean, but it can slice a lot of bagels quickly and with no real human effort; you just feed the bagels in and away it goes. However, like a lot of electric slicing products, electric bagel slicers tend to jam easily, and are a real pain to take apart for clearing that jam and as we mentioned earlier, to clean. Not to mention that at $45 and up, electric bagel slicers are more than double the price of many of the manual models. When it comes to the convenience, safety, and design of the best bagel slicer, we definitely recommend sticking with an easier to use and much less expensive manual bagel slicer.

Alternative Bagel Slicer Designs:

One of the drawbacks of the Bagel Guillotine and its many copycats is that it does tend to take up a lot of space on a countertop or in a cupboard or drawer, and it is not very easy to clean. And of course there is all that manual labor which we will get to in a second. Competing bagel slicer manufacturers suggest that maybe a more natural design is best in a bagel slicer.

Enter the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer, the other subject of the Wall Street Journal article. This device is something that people without a knowledge of the French Revolution will be more familiar with; it looks just like a knife! In fact, that is exactly what the Brooklyn Bagel Slicer is; a serrated knife enclosed in plastic.

That plastic allows a person to wield the slicer in their hand in a natural motion without worrying about cutting themselves. It’s easy to wash and store, and you don’t have to take anything apart. and rate it as the best bagel slicer on the market for both home and light commercial bagel slicing because of its natural ease. also notes that unlike the guillotine models and even electric bagel slicers, the Brooklyn has no trouble cutting through denser, whole wheat bagels preferred by the health conscious. Unfortunately it wasnt as great a seller as the makers hoped – and better copies flooded the market at lower prices.

If you don’t mind a bulkier bagel slicer which is a bit harder to wash but don’t like the barbaric design of the Guillotine, you might be interested in a few dozen other bagel slicer designs.

Products such as the Bagelpod are actually great conversation pieces, and they hold the bagel in place while you press down on the blade handle for a great, even cut. On the other hand, if you like to vary up the size of your bagels these total encasing bagel slicers might not work the best for you. You can also check out plain vice type bagel holders such as those made by Fox Run. They don’t come with a knife so they are cheaper at around $9, they are just designed to hold a bagel in place.

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