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First of all what exactly is a bagel toaster?

It’s no different than a regular toaster that toasts bread except this type of toaster is designed to toast bagels which means the toaster slots are bigger and wider to accommodate a bagel, otherwise if you tried to toast a bagel in a regular toaster the bagel would get stuck inside and most likely burn.

Bagel Toasters come in various shapes and sizes, there are two basic configurations when it comes to these types of toasters, there are 2 slice toasters and 4 slice toasters.

A two-slice toaster usually works good for smaller households with less than 3 to 4 people.

With larger families that have a bigger demand for toast at breakfast time a four-slice toaster would be more efficient. It just toasts twice as fast as a 2-slice toaster and helps you prepare the food much faster than a smaller 2 slice toaster.

There are many different types of bagel toaster brands on the market today, some of the more popular brands are Black & Decker, Kitchenaid, Oster and T-Fal just to name a few, there are many other brands available which offer high quality and a respectable price.

Price ranges go anywhere from $10 to over $200 for the more high-end models.

There are also many different colors to choose from when picking that new toaster, some are Black,  White, Red, Green, or the popular Stainless Steel toaster.

We review a wide selection of different colors, brands and price ranges to choose from.

Toast Your Bagels Perfectly

How To Pick The Best Bagel Toasters

Toasters are some of the most convenient small appliances to have in your home. Bagel toasters are on the must-have appliance list for every kitchen used by bagel lovers. With so many options and features available in toasters these days, finding the right one for your kitchen and family can be tricky. Fortunately, this toaster buying guide is designed to help you learn how to buy toasters. I have tried so many top rated toasters on the market and compiled my best toaster reviews in this website. I aim to give my readers a better picture on what is the best bagel toaster to buy.

Do check out my list of best bagel toaster reviews if you are shopping for a toaster. Feel free to look around and hopefully my reviews might help make the right decision.

Toaster Types

Basic toasters (Pop Up Toasters)

2 slice and 4 slice options fall into this category. These are made to be automatic. You put slices in vertically and wait for the bread to get heated. There’s a lever on the sides of these to make it easy to use. Once your bread has finished toasting, then the machine turns off and your bread pops up ready to eat.

Smaller families, couples or singles will do great with a basic 2-slice toaster. If you have a large family, a basic 4-slice toaster will be able to perform at a capacity that will suit your needs. Since you won’t always be toasting four slices at once, look for a toaster that lets you toast only two slices separately, instead of all four. Whether you choose a 2-slice toaster or a 4-slice toaster, look for one with good browning control options and pop-up feature to make retrieving your bread from the toaster a bit easier.

Bagel toasters and wide-slot toasters

Bagel toasters and wide-slot toasters are ideal for bagels, English muffins, thick breads or sliced muffins. Bagel toasters have a setting that only toasts one side, which is perfect for bagel lovers. You can find bagel and wide-slot toasters with either two slots or four slots, depending on the size of your family and how much you use the toaster.

Conveyor Toasters

You probably won’t be using these types of toasters, as their designed for large scale use. These are capable of producing hundreds of slices of toast within an hour The reason these are called conveyor types is because the bread passes through a heating mechanism by means of a conveyor. Ideal for restaurants, Bagel Shops and hotels (or for catering to large scale events in case you are running a pop up Bagel Business).

Bagel Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens are like toasters, but you can use them in order to help you prepare entire sandwiches. For instance, you can make grilled cheese bagel in these and other types of sandwiches. Some can make eggs for you as well. These can perform any number of different functions for you unlike a plain toaster.

Features to look for in toasters

The point is you can get the type of toaster you feel is suitable to you and your needs. All you have to do is know what you want. Following we’re going to go more in to detail about the two commonly used options (2 slice and 4 slice) and give you some options to look at for each of these as well. Other than the number of slices the toaster can hold, there are three main features to consider when you’re looking for in a bagel toaster:

  • browning control,
  • crumb tray
  • bread lift.

Browning control lets you select how light or dark you want your bread toasted. Crumb trays are removable trays that make kitchen cleanup easier than ever; they should be easy to remove and clean. A bread lift allows you to raise the bread in the toaster even higher than the normal pop-up level, allowing you to more easily remove your toast. This feature is great for shorter slices of breads and English muffins. More advanced toaster may have extra features, such as reheat. Reheating breads in the microwave can leave them soggy and bland, while a reheat feature in a toaster warms them with just the right amount of crispiness.


For most home toasters there are only 2 choices: the 2 slice toasters and the 4 slice toasters. You have to check whether the slots are also big enough to fit other bread sizes or if it can fit bagels, croissants and others. If you want a 4-slice toaster, choose one with separate levers so you can have separate settings while toasting all 4 slices.

Overall Size of the Toaster

If you have a bigger countertop, then the size of the toaster won’t matter because you have more space. However, for smaller countertops or small kitchen space, you should gauge whether the bagel toaster you want to buy will fit in your countertop. The more slots the toaster provides, it eats up more space in your kitchen. It is best to measure the available space in your kitchen and measure the size of the toaster you want to buy.

Special Features

  • Removable Crumb Tray – This is essential because it is nearly impossible to clean a toaster without one. if your toaster comes without a crumb tray, you probably have to turn your toaster upside down and keep shaking it till every single crumb is out (highly unlikely).
  • High Lift Carriage – This is to avoid you having to claw into your toaster when a slice of toast gets stuck. The high lift carriage or lever functions as a safety net that propels your slice of bread upwards.
  • Even Heating – Who doesn’t want perfect toast? Even heating is what really separates the best toaster from an average toaster.
  • Wide Slots – Slots should be wide enough to accommodate more than the regular slices of bread, so that you can toast bagels, thick slices, English muffins and more.
  • Heat Dial/Browning Options – I like my toast slightly more crispy while my wife prefers hers on the lighter side so for people like us, a temperature dial or several options for toast shade is crucial.


When choosing a good toaster, you have to consider the safety especially if you have children at home. Choose a toaster with cool-to-touch ability so you can touch the surface without getting your hands burnt. Also choose a product with heating elements covered so you wont come in contact with them.


You have to realize that the more additional features the toaster has, the pricier it gets. So you should choose a toaster with the features that you just need, and will use, to avoid falling into the trap of buying expensive toasters.

You can compare the prices when reading toaster reviews online and see which one affordable, has all the features you need and will last. The average price range is from $100 to $300 and if you are look around, there are online shops that offer discounts and free shipping.

How to Buy the Best Toaster

First off you should figure out how many bagels you want to toast at once. The most common toasters that can be found on the market come in the 2 slice and 4 slice capacity. Simple math tells us that the 4 slice toaster makes toast twice as quickly as the 2 slice toaster, so if you have a lot of toast to make in the morning, the 4 slice toaster is a better choice.

Best Toaster Brands

Not every toaster model that is produced by the best brands on the market are worth purchasing. Anyway, I have grouped all of my best toaster reviews here according to their brands. It’ll be easier for those who have a favorite brand to look up a newer or better model here. These reviews are my first hand accounts for trying these toasters. It’s good to know what you’re getting out of a toaster before purchasing it. There is hardly anything you can do to a badly built toaster to make it give you good toast.

  • Bosch
  • Cuisinart
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Kitchenaid
  • Morphy Richards
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